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1. Can In-Laws Cause a Divorce?
Relationships with in-laws can be difficult, but can they be the cause of a divorce?

2. When Your Child Reminds You of Your Ex-Spouse
There are times when you child acts or does something that reminds you of your ex-spouse. At that moment you may feel anger or disappointment towards your child. It is important to not upset your child because he/she may sometimes behave like your ex-spouse.

3. Fear of Being Alone
There are many changes that occur during a divorce whose effects continue to be felt after the divorce is granted. One is certainly the fear of being alone. Understanding this fear is key to overcoming it.

4. Changing Hairstyles after Divorce?
Do you believe changing a hairstyle is relevant? Changing a hairstyle or something else about you life can assist the healing process after a divorce

5. When Your Ex-Spouse Remarries
How will you feel when you find out your ex-spouse is remarrying? You may think you know how you will feel, but your feelings may be different if or when it actually happens.

6. Fall Activities
Fall is a wonderful time of year. Enjoy football games, apple cider and thinking about the holidays. Have a positive attitude

7. Exercise Helps
Exercise is good for you. It helps your body and mind. If you find yourself playing mind games about your past or present situation, try exercise.

8. Living Under the Same Roof while Divorcing ?
Some states require divorcing spouses to live separate and apart for a period of time. The onset of the recession has caused many couples interested in divorcing to try to remain in the same home. Is this a good idea?

9. BellaOnline Divorce Newsletter
BellaOnline's Divorce Newsletter is designed to help you keep up with the latest divorce information from our site. Here's how to sign up!

10. Dreaming About Your Ex-Spouse
Sometimes you cannot control your dreams, however it is important to have positive thoughts before you go to bed

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